Rapid Response Readiness Diagnostic

Is Your Crisis Team Ready?

How do your team's skills, experience, training, tools and messages stack up?

Are potential product recalls, head-scratching screw-ups or instant outrage explosions on social media keeping you up at night?

When the spaghetti hits the proverbial fan, the Apron team knows that response time is key to protecting a brand's reputation. Apron's Rapid Response Diagnostic helps you see how your team can dramatically improve its responsiveness.

Response Speed Depends on Team Readiness


A Rapid Response Team has been designated.


Activation procedures are well known and easy to execute.


Potential issues have been identified and categorized by risk.

Hahn's Reputation Dissonance Model

In his book Breaking Bad News, Apron’s founder, Jeff Hahn writes: “When bad news breaks, stakeholders and reputation managers are emotionally driven to reduce dissonance. Their overriding goal is to return to a state of emotional harmony where attitudes and beliefs match behaviors and actions.”

Is your team ready to succeed in the midst of dissonance?

You can! By effectively performing five actions, in sequence, your team can successfully navigate virtually any bad news break.

Rapid Response is the Best Reputation Protection

Are binders full of crisis management plans gathering dust on a bookshelf near you? Let them go. The Apron Rapid Response Diagnostic enables you to assess your team's strengths so you can build the right kind of plan.
“What is of the greatest importance in war is extraordinary speed...”
— Sun Tzu

Rapid and seamless activation is the single most significant failure crisis teams encounter.

How Ready is your Crisis Team? Get Your Score.