Breaking Bad News: Episode 5

May 6, 2019

Breaking Bad News: Episode 5
Breaking Bad News

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Podcast Description

This edition of the Breaking Bad News Podcast hits the road to explore crisis communication message delivery methods. Jeff Hahn, Apron Food PR’s  head of Reputation Strategy, talks with  media trainer Russ Rhea about a critical part of the Reputation Dissonance model. Russ and Jeff took advantage of the time while driving from Dallas to Houston where they were actually performing one of the delivery methods for a client facing a crisis.

In this episode, Jeff reviews the 5 components of delivering bad news in crisis situations with an emphasis on the final component, delivery methods.  From traditional press conferences to the “no comment” approach, you’ll learn the 9 methods of delivery and the rationale to choose the method that fits the moment. Along the way, Russ and Jeff will test your knowledge of Texas small towns with a road trip trivia quiz.

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Breaking Bad News, Apron Food & Beverage Communications’ podcast, is about food brands, recalls, withdrawals, alerts and issues, and the way they’re treated in the press and on social media.