Research and Analytics

Inspiring action through data

Like a compass, Apron helps clients navigate through the sea of data noise.

Apron’s integrated analytics team provides customized solutions that combine the best of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, along with primary and secondary digital research and analytics. Data is everywhere and easy to get, but applying it to strategy, implementation and evaluation can be overwhelming. Like a compass, Apron helps clients navigate through the sea of data noise – we know what data your brand needs, how to efficiently get it, and how to convert it into prescriptive, actionable solutions for your communications and marketing goals.

Providing insights through technology

By unlocking how people think, and what inspires action, we fuel our clients with powerful points of connection with their target audiences – helping them evolve, promote and protect their brand and company reputation. Our subscriptions to tools and services like Mintel and Forrester Research continually provide us with the latest food and technology market insights.

Ethical standards for research and analytics

At Apron, we are committed to ensuring the application of market research and analytics are an integral part of our client counsel and programming, while maintaining ethical practices in the collection and management of data and ensuring our standards are in compliance with GDPR and other security and privacy regulations.

Our promise to food and beverage brands

As the food and beverage space continues to rapidly evolve, our job is to help brands increase knowledge of competitors, improve their understanding of human behavior and the motivations that influence people’s decision-making. From these insights, our goal is to always deliver programs that influence and shape behaviors and habits for the better.

Whether we’re helping optimize a messaging strategy or deploying real-time measurement to track the success of a food and beverage marketing campaign, we are pushing the envelope to better understand and predict your customers’ next move.

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